Proven Performance.

TrackTex has been actively used in live rail since 2010, providing significant savings to rail operators and contractors. So far over 7 million ft² of TrackTex have been installed within Europe, Australia and the United States.

Site monitoring has been performed on a number of key sites and the benefits of TrackTex over traditional maintenance systems are obvious.


Full Scale Lab Testing

State of the art testing facility.

Bradley Junction 14

Bradley Junction (UK)

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Christiansburg (USA)

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Over a decade of Research.

TrackTex has been tested to conditions simulating mud pumping failure in a full-scale purpose-built test facility. 

The rig is a 15ft x 5ft tank, deep enough to accommodate subgrade, ballast and ties.

Materials are tested to the most extreme conditions found in trackbed.

Bradley Junction (UK)

In 2009 Network Rail decided that the up line through Bradley Junction was life expired and would not be able to carry the proposed increase in annual tonnage from 6 million to 11 million.
An investigation undertaken in 2010 (AECOM, 2010) described the track bed as variable, with very dirty waterlogged ballast, and evidence of upwards migration of clay formation which had caused the track geometry to deteriorate rapidly.
A recent evaluation of the project was conducted; a series of test pits were excavated to determine the effectiveness of rehabilitation. A test pit in the same location at the area shown (prehabilitation), demonstrated there to be no evidence of subgrade pumping or ballast contamination above the geo composite microporous filter.

Christiansburg District (USA)

TrackTex was installed at three locations of the Virginia Division/Christiansburg District during September and October 2014. All three sites had been undercut within the previous two years and needed undercutting again because of pumping failure.
Following the installation of TrackTex there has been no further contamination of the ballast and the product has continued to perform well to this day.

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