CuTex Root Barrier

The effective & environmentally-safe barrier against root damage developed and manufactured by GEOfabrics, the inventors of TrackTex.

Discover the high performance, permeable and safe root barrier solution. Save time and money protecting your hardscapes, landscaping and garden from invasive plants and root systems.

Proven double barrier against root damage

Maintaining and protecting your hard landscaping and garden can be expensive and time consuming. Roots from invasive plant species and tree roots can damage foundations, paths, decks, patios and lawns – undoing all your hard work and leaving you with costly repairs.
Traditional barrier solutions often use chemical herbicides – harming local plant and wildlife – or are impermeable – causing pooling and flooding. That’s where CuTex comes in.

A permeable and safe solution for gardens and green spaces, CuTex composite root barrier releases natural copper ions into the soil to create a chemical barrier that inhibits root growth. It also acts as a physical barrier under topsoil, paving, decking, gravel and more.


Independently assessed as effective against Japanese knotweed by the Centre for Plant Sciences, University of Leeds, UK

CuTex offers a range of benefits:

Safe – Herbicide free. Will not damage the environment, contaminate water or harm wildlife
Permeable – allows drainage and circulation of nutrients, with no pooling or flooding risk
Easy to use – comes in a range of sizes, which can be cut to size and simply laid
Becomes more effective over time – barrier to root growth increases the longer it’s down

Underground burial cell to encapsulate invasive species
Vertical barrier, for example on a boundary
Horizontal protection foundations and utilities

CuTex can be used:

■ Under foundations of garden structures
■ Beneath paths, driveways, patios and decks
■ Under raised beds or borders
■ Around water features

■ Around trees
■ For septic tanks and leach fields
■ To protect sewer, stormwater and water pipes
■ To protect drain tiles

More information on CuTex is available on the GEOfabrics website

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