The Solution to Mud Pumping

TrackTex is a unique patented anti-pumping geocomposite and the result of over a decade of research by railroad engineers and materials scientists.

TrackTex has proven performance

TrackTex has been actively used in live rail since 2010, providing significant maintenance savings to Rail Authorities and contractors alike. So far, over ½ million m² of TrackTex have been installed in live tracks within Europe, Australia and the United States. TrackTex is a proven solution to mud-pumping in ballasted trackbed and has provided a significant reduction in trackbed maintainance. 

TrackTex improves track quality

Rain water is unable to penetrate the microporous filter and is drained laterally to the side of the track. Pore water below TrackTex is relieved upwards under cyclic loading which aids residual slurry to dry out as the pore water is dissipated.

TrackTex is durable in extreme conditions

TrackTex has been tested extensively in full scale lab testing and on live tracks. This state of the art facility allows materials to be tested to the most extreme conditions found in trackbed.

TrackTex anti-pumping geocomposite is shown to increase trackbed maintenance intervals due to pumping failure

by more than 25 times,

providing significant savings over any available alternative.

TrackTex has been used in the following networks


TrackTex has been used in the following networks

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